What we do

We are united by a desire to change the world

BABB is building a decentralised banking platform and aims to deliver peer-to-peer banking services designed to serve the global microeconomy.


MAY 2017

Pre application meeting with Bank of England

JAN 2018

Initial discussions with Lithuanian regulator

MAR 2018

Second meeting with Bank of England

JUN 2018

Targeted - Second meeting with Bank of Lithuania

DEC 2018

Submit formal application for a Banking License



All BABB customers will be connected via a global network, enabling everyone to leverage their social connectivity in new ways to trade and make payments.


Customers will access their account through a smartphone app, designed to combine the utility of a banking app with the UI of a social media app.


Users can spend any supported currency using the Black Card, a revolutionary decentralised payment card.



Blockchain technology provides BABB’s core services - recording transactions, storing identity data and creating a secure channel for data sharing across the network.


Artificial intelligence plays a key role in KYC, which mitigates risk in P2P transactions.

Digital ID

Biometrics addresses the issue of identity for people without official government-issued ID by making it possible to open a wallet in few simple steps.

Use Cases


Paulo is working as a freelance designer but he doesn’t have a bank account so his remote clients can’t pay him. He downloads the BABB app and opens an account in a few simple steps. He doesn’t even need to leave the house. Now, he can get paid and grow his business.


George is a farmer who receives several hundred dollars per month from his son who lives and works in Boston. He receives the payment into his BABB account, which is faster and cheaper than transferring it any other way.