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We are the right people to build this movement. Here’s why.

BABB is raising money to fund the regulatory and legal costs of becoming a licensed bank.

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Story so far


raised in our token sale


people in our community

146 countries

backing us


Already an Authorised Payment Institution regulated by the FCA.

Applying for a UK banking license.

Previous prototype built in collaboration with Applied Blockchain, and tested with a small group of 50 people.

BAX token integral to operations of platform, app and payment card.

Growth mechanism in place: Account referral process to promote rapid expansion of the network.

A strong team with an exceptionally broad range of skills, expertise in banking and fin-tech experience from various backgrounds giving BABB a diverse culture.

Smart contracts audited by a third party.

What next

Bank status

We aim to obtain a banking license by early 2019. BABB is an FCA regulated Authorised Payment Institution and aims to upgrade to bank status in the UK.

Product development

We will launch the first version of our mobile app by the end of 2018, offering the ability open an account, make international payments and much more.

Global partners

We have strong relationships with central banks across the world, and are actively seeking to form partnerships in our target markets in Europe and the Middle East.


UK bank account

You will be able to download the app and open a BABB account in few simple steps. You can upgrade to a full UK bank account by providing government-issued ID (subject to BABB obtaining a banking license).

Global banking network

A BABB account will give you access to a global network managed by smart contracts, in which you participate in peer-to-peer banking services including payments, transfers and currency exchange; all via a modern, mobile-only experience.

Payment card

The BlackCard will be the world’s first decentralised payment card. It’s a free debit card that you can link to your account via a QR code or NFC tag, and can be spent online or in store with retailers that also have a BABB account.

What makes us different

Our mission

We aim to empower the global microeconomy by giving people access to banking services, subject to obtaining a banking license, and working with central banks to reach out to communities. BABB is seeking to provide people with accessible, secure, convenient and cost-effective banking services and connectivity with the global economy.

Our platform

The BABB platform is designed to offer decentralised, blockchain-based banking within a regulated environment (subject to BABB obtaining a banking license), to bridge the gap between crypto-assets and the mainstream financial system. We’re innovators and we’re pro-regulation, in favour of progress towards a mature blockchain-based economy.

Our team

We have a strong team with an exceptionally broad set of skills, a wide range of perspectives from our diverse backgrounds, and deep expertise in banking and fintech.

Our community

Our community is as global as our vision. With around 10,000 early backers from 146 different countries, we have support behind us from across the world. Our community is eagerly awaiting the product launch and they help us spread the word about the project.


Written last year before the token sale, the whitepaper is a vision statement which sets out our plans and ambitions.


Business Plan

Our business plan, which includes detailed information regarding BABB’s objectives, go-to-market strategy, marketing plan and financial forecasts, is available to download on the CrowdCube website.

Download on CrowdCube